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What is the North Carolina Disc Golf Point Series?

The 2023 North Carolina Disc Golf Point Series welcomes Innova Discs as our title sponsor for the FIFTh year in a row!

Here are the things you will need to know. A winner will be crowned in Mixed Pro Open(MPO), Women's Pro Open(FPO), Mixed Pro 40+(MP40), Mixed Amateur 1 (MA1), Women's Amateur 1(FA1) Sponsored by Throw Pink, and Mixed Amateur 2 (MA2).

Each event on the series will have $1 of their entry deducted from these divisions. Other divisions in North Carolina Series’ events will not have this deduction. All funds are collected throughout the year and paid out at the end. The top three qualifying finishers in each division will receive a payout. The amount paid for professional divisions is based on the amount of funds collected throughtout the season. The amount paid for amateur divisions is as follows:

1st: Custom DiscatcherPro 28 Target and $100 DGU Voucher

2nd: Discatcher Sport Target and $100 DGU Voucher

3rd: $100 DGU Voucher

First place in MPO,FPO,MP40,MA1, and FA1 will also receive a historic trophy that is passed from winner to winner at the end of each season. Names on these include world champions, hall of famers, architects of North Carolina disc golf; will yours be added next?

Point Series Rules and Qualifications


Points are awarded based on your finish within the event. Divisions must have at least three participants to be awarded points. The Championship will award double the normal amount of points to participants.

A player’s best 10 point events and the Championship count for the end of the year totals. If a player has more than 10 events, their top 10 events will count toward their total. The Championship will factor into all players point totals. If a player does not compete in 10 events or the Championship they will be awarded 0 points.

Other Rules

  • Divisions must consist of at least 3 people to qualify participants for points at that event.

  • Players must complete the event to obtain points for that event.

  • Players are only eligible for payout in 1 division

Points Breakdown

Points will be awarded to players based off of finishing position as outlined below. Players that tie (other than 1st) will all be awarded points for the higher place. (i.e. Three players tying for 5th will all be awarded points associated with 5th place) Players finishing lower than 24th place will all receive 20 points.

1st-100 6th-78 11th-63 16th-48 21st-33

2nd-90 7th-75 12th-60 17th-45 22nd-30

3rd-87 8th-72 13th-57 18th-42 23rd-27

4th-84 9th-69 14th-54 19th-39 24th-24

5th-81 10th-66 15th-51 20th-36 25th+-20

Point Series Schedule

The 2023 North Carolina Disc Golf Point Series schedule is outlined below. More information on the Championship can be found below.

Point Series Tour Championship

Details coming soon!

Point Series Standings

Use the buttons below to see standings for the respective divisions.